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POJ 1046 Color Me Less

Color Me Less

A color reduction is a mapping from a set of discrete colors to a smaller one. The solution to this problem requires that you perform just such a mapping in a standard twenty-four bit RGB color space. The input consists of a target set of sixteen RGB color values, and a collection of arbitrary RGB colors to be mapped to their closest color in the target set. For our purposes, an RGB color is defined as an ordered triple (R,G,B) where each value of the triple is an integer from 0 to 255. The distance between two colors is defined as the Euclidean distance between two three-dimensional points. That is, given two colors (R1,G1,B1) and (R2,G2,B2), their distance D is given by the equation

POJ 3505 Tower Parking

Tower Parking


There is a new revolution in the parking lot business: the parking tower. The concept is simple: you drive your car into the elevator at the entrance of the tower, and the elevator and conveyor belts drag the car to an empty parking spot, where the car remains until you pick it up. When you return, the elevator and conveyor belts move your car back to the entrance and you’re done.

POJ 1001 Exponentiation 求高精度幂


Problems involving the computation of exact values of very large magnitude and precision are common. For example, the computation of the national debt is a taxing experience for many computer systems. This problem requires that you write a program to compute the exact value of Rn where R is a real number ( 0.0 < R < 99.999 ) and n is an integer such that 0 < n <= 25.

面向对象编程(C++) 实验